Worx International Inc.: About Us
image Quality is the most important aspect of Worx International Inc.

Quality is designed into the product and is not by verification after development. Concurrent engineering concepts and latest methodology with advanced hardware, software and development tools are used to ensure quality. We believe in a long-term relation with Our clients and it reflects in our work.

We provide quality software solutions, periodical reports on projects status and excellent technical support. We have a team of experienced and skilled personnel who take pride in providing solutions that work for the client.

All the staff in our development team are Zend Certified Engineers in PHP and bring with them a rich pool of experience and talent. Our solutions are passed through extensive testing and Quality Assurance checks before we roll it out to our customers.

Besides having a good team of programmers and developers we also have top of the line team of Graphic Designers and specialists in Graphical User Interface design. All are highly experienced and provide optimal graphical looks to the applications and projects we build. We will gladly provide references upon request.

It's not a hobby for us; our success depends on your success!