Worx International Inc.: What's New


PHPMailer, version 2.0.4 for PHP4 (April 3 2009)
This is the last release to support PHP4. All future development will focus on versions for PHP5 and up.

PHPMailer, version 5.1 for PHP5/6 (October 21 2009)
Significant new enhancements including a custom callback function that provides much flexibility in processing the results of individual emails sent. Build a log, post to your database, etc. Functionality extended and simplicity maintained!

PHPMailer-ML, version 1.7. (October 17, 2009) – Extensive modifications and new features. More ...

PHPMailer-FE, version 4.0.5 for PHP4/5 (October 17, 2009)
Perfect to simplify getting form data from your website to your inbox. Handles any type of form (including flash forms, ajax forms). PHPMailer-FE can be a mini-application that accepts file uploads (perfect for employment applications), and can send the form results conditionally based on user input. Safe, and secure.

QuickSkin, two new versions. (January 01, 2009) – QuickSkin version 2.3 is designed to support PHP4, and QuickSkin version 5.0 is designed to support PHP5. New features include: new sample template, dp.SyntaxHighlighter (also LGPL licensed) to support automated code snippet (and other messages) display, new code extensions.


WorxStudio.com (November 01, 2008) – Based on our custom designed brand-leading popular websites for restaurant chains, auto dealerships, sport organizations, and many others. Now available as a commercial service. Features stunning world-class designs, and reasonable pricing. Start with a basic 5-page design and grow your business!

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Email Marketing (January 01, 2009) – Competitive pricing, superb online tools, mailing list management, and eMessage management make WorxMailer one powerful solution. Track who and when emails get opened, links that get clicked, manage bounce backs, and build flexible auto-responder systems to manage your internet marketing activities. More ...

Managed Email Campaigns (January 01, 2009) – We're experts at getting your email messages delivered with high quality designs, and powerful tracking and reporting capabilities. We can manage the entire process for you, including the creative design, subscription list management, bounce management and complying with USA CAN-SPAM and Canadian PIPEDA legislation. Contact us to discuss your needs and a quote.

Worx Email Bounce Management service (January 01, 2009) – We offer three levels of service.
Features include:
  • Custom call-back function for optional Pro service
  • POP and IMAP mailbox support
  • SSL and TLS mailbox support
  • Support for Delivery Status Notification (DSN), Email Body checking, and SPAM detection in the subject line (for email inboxes monitored by SpamAssassin and other spam filtering systems)
  • Logging then Deletion of bounced emails and spam emails (delete all emails with Subscription service only)
  • Rules defined to handle up to 99.4% of bounced emails and 100% of spam
  • Removal of spam identified by spam filters (via the subject line)
  • Sends you CSV of all processed messages with disposition and status
  • NO email harvesting, CSV is deleted immediately on sending to you
There are three service levels available:
  • Free One-Time Use: specify your mailbox settings each time
    limitations: cannot delete legitimate emails, one mailbox only, will not process free mailboxes (Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.)
    interactive, no bulk or cron capabilities
  • Free Subscription service: specify up to three mailboxes, double encrypted password
    includes ability to purge all messages (including legitimate emails), support for Gmail
  • Pro service (commercial): cron enabled (bulk) at frequency setting to meet your needs (shortest interval available is every 15 minutes), one mailbox per cron, CSV returns at intervals to meet your needs (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly), custom callback function available to support database updates (based on hard undeliverables, SPAM).